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What is Audax?

What is Audax? - Ahon.ph

Ronald Rei Declarador |

Audax cycling, also known as randonneuring, is a long-distance, non-competitive cycling discipline that requires participants to complete a challenging route within a set time limit. In the Philippines, Audax rides are becoming increasingly popular among cycling enthusiasts, and the Ahon Adventure Jersey has emerged as a critical gear item for riders.

The Ahon Adventure Jersey is a specialized cycling jersey designed for Audax cycling. It features a unique set of pockets that make it an ideal choice for endurance rides. The jersey has a total of eight pockets, including two on the chest, two on each side, and four at the back.

The pockets on the chest are particularly useful for storing items that need to be accessed quickly, such as energy bars or gels. The side pockets are designed to hold larger items, such as a mobile phone or a small water bottle. The four pockets at the back of the jersey are ideal for carrying items that riders may need during the course of a long ride, such as spare tubes, tire levers, or a lightweight rain jacket.

The Ahon Adventure Jersey's design allows riders to distribute the weight of their gear evenly across their body, reducing the risk of discomfort or chafing. Additionally, the jersey's breathable fabric and moisture-wicking properties help to regulate body temperature, keeping riders cool and comfortable even in hot and humid conditions.


For Audax riders in the Philippines, the Ahon Adventure Jersey has become an essential piece of gear. Audax rides in the Philippines can cover distances of up to 600 kilometers, with riders facing challenging terrain and changing weather conditions. The Ahon Adventure Jersey's pockets allow riders to carry all the necessary gear and supplies they need to complete these grueling rides while staying comfortable and hydrated.

The jersey's design is also well-suited to the unpredictable weather conditions that riders may encounter during an Audax ride. The jersey's lightweight fabric makes it easy to pack away in a small bag or pouch, making it an ideal backup option if the weather turns cold or wet.

In summary, the Ahon Adventure Jersey plays a critical role in Audax rides in the Philippines. Its unique set of pockets, breathable fabric, and moisture-wicking properties make it an ideal choice for endurance rides. For riders looking to tackle the challenges of long-distance cycling, the Ahon Adventure Jersey is a must-have piece of gear that can help ensure a comfortable and successful ride.

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